Drafts and rough recordings

by Stripping Citrus

(free) 02:07


released January 14, 2013



all rights reserved


Stripping Citrus Vancouver, British Columbia

We evolved out of Lemon Stealing Whores. We're mildly not terrible now.

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Track Name: Jitterbug Luv (rough draft)
You thought you'd hit the life when your friend said hey
Wanna make it rich, lemme show you the way.
It's a business, see, with a variation;
our prominent trade is inebriation
You took a taste and your eyes caught fire
Your head said more and dove in the mire
You leaned in his ear and whispered "guv,
Gimme someadat, someadat someadat jitterbug luv"

You hit the alley then, you were making a name
And you struck black gold as you began the game
Every fool at your feet shot you a laugh
And you chuckled back before you cut 'em in half
But every day, the cloud on you grew
Your thirst was always one up on you\
On hands and knees, you went beggin "dove,
I need someadat, someadat, someadat Jitterbug Luv"

Your crew of clients left you overboard
And while you rusted picked apart your hoard
You swept the rest, threw it in a glass
Then chugged it back and feel on your ass
With ten bucks left, smelling of death
You called Gods & Kings to help you catch your breath
When they slammed their doors, you cried "They can shove-
All I need's, all I need's, all I need's some Jitterbug Luv"

Wrecked on the floor, you had a second thought
Perhaps you had a chance to reverse the rot
You gave the bottle a rest, drew up a jive
And two weeks hence you were fully alive
Then your friend returned and forced your life to crash
"Sorry, son, but your dreams cost cash"
You struggled and roared, caught in his glove
"You're gonna work, gonna work, gonna work for the Jitterbug Luv"

You were stumblin' today on the railroad track
Turnin' heads and tricks without lookin' back
Your heart asked "what's wrong?" and you screamed at it "Guv,
I'm in a bottle of, bottle of, bottle of Jitterbug Luv"